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Unique and original art to frame yourself.

Framed Browser 2.jpg

Designed for smaller walls that may not fit a full-sized canvas painting; Miniatures are given just as much care, attention and thought, but in a smaller package. Sheryl uses these small-format pieces to explore and develop new palettes and compositions, making each piece a unique one-off and part of a very limited series that are only produced a couple of times a year. Miniatures are a great introduction to Sheryl's art and make great gifts for art lovers.

Just like the large-format canvas paintings, each piece is carefully and lovingly built up with oils and acrylics to produce a uniquely textured one-of-a-kind.

Browser detail.jpg

Every unique piece is part of a very limited collection and comes packaged with its own hand-written certificate of authenticity.

Browser cert.jpg

Each piece comes with a high-quality acid-free black mount made to size. Each piece is painted right to the edges so can be framed with or without the mount.

Browser and mount.jpg

All browser pieces are produced in standardised framing sizes to fit the majority of frames.

Browser sizes.jpg
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